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Protect your users... don't annoy them! Toopher puts users back in control of their online identities and actions. You can add Toopher to your website in just minutes. It's easy!

Simple RESTful API

Toopher is a simple RESTful API with a variety of language libraries for ease-of-use. Using Toopher is as simple as two-steps: pairing & authenticating.

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Easy to integrate

Toopher provides a simple cloud-based 2 factor authentication which is easy to integrate with your exsiting infrastructure. Your users will love using Toopher because they are not forced to take their phone out or enter an annoying code every time they need to login.

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Language Libraries

Download and install the Toopher library for your preferred language. Can't find your preferred language? Email us and we will get to it when we can, or write it and open source it!

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Toopher is free for up to 10 users. No-strings attached, no credit card required.

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